Run A Panel

MAGWest 2017 Panel applications

Use our application form to submit your idea for consideration to be presented at MAGWest 2017. Panel applications will be accepted until the end of June, and final decisions will be sent out in July.

A note to those who apply for a panel:

If your panel is declined please do not take it personally.

Panels are just a subset of how attendees can contribute to MAGWest. We only have space to host a select few of the many awesome panel applications we get. If your panel was declined, that does not mean that you can't, or shouldn't, schedule your own meetup or party (provided, of course, that your room party is respectful to your neighbors). MAGWest panels have exciting content, but every other attendee doing their own part is the very essence and lifeblood of MAGWest.

Community meetups, room parties, Nerf wars, and the like are just as important as our panels, and the event could not exist without them. At MAGWest, literally every attendee plays an important role in making sure that the content isn't just in those panel rooms, but the event as a whole.