❥ About

MAGFEST, the music and gaming festival, is a 501c3 non-profit dedicated to promoting and preserving videogame music, art, history, and culture.

We’ve done this for 16 years by running our annual east coast event in the Washington DC area, which has grown to 20,000 people attending over 4 days. We have always had the dream taking MAGFest global.

Last year, this goal was realized as we kicked off our very first expansion event, MAGWest, in Santa Clara, CA. This event was the first of many MAGFest expansion events. It was 5 years in the making and the process of creating it has transformed every aspect of our entire organization and everyone in it.

We looked hard to find a city with a vibrant music community and empower them to take leadership positions in MAGWest, and put their own spin on what a MAGFest event should be. San Jose fits that bill perfectly, and we’re super-excited it is now home of MAGFest’s west coast operations. If you want to get involved, check out the Volunteer page. It’s our hope that MAGFest’s presence in the area can be an amplifying force for the vibrant community that already exists here.

MAGFest is powered by people who often work through extreme difficulty, sometimes forging new paths where no roadmap exists, sometimes stumbling and getting back up. We want to break down the walls between staff and attendees and let our attendees create entirely new types of experiences. We provide the space, you guys bring the rest.

This year, we host our second annual MAGWest aiming to embrace the community and culture of music and video games on the west coast.

We’ll see you out there in Santa Clara, CA, on August 10–12, 2018.

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