It's no use!

Now you've found us, it's time to go rolling around at the speed of sound! You've got places to go! Hopefully there won't be no rain, bro.

It's our pleasure to bring you the chance to meet with friends, meet some strangers, and get down to some of the nerdy things we all love. Join us August 25th-27th, 2017 at the Hyatt Regency Santa Clara for MAGFest's inaugural West Coast festival.

Are You Hyped Yet? Up Next Is Grimecraft
Are you hyped yet? Check out our latest musical guest, Grimecraft! Crafting a contemporary musical experience drawn from his love of video games, San Francisco based DJ/Producer/Artist GRIMECRAFT brings a bright glossy mix of candied electronic voices and samples set to a tune of nerd nostalgia.... (read more)
Last Call for Panels!
Panel submissions will close in just a few days on July 15th! If you want to share your fan theories about Sonic, tips on speedrunning, a hot take on the games industry, or anything else your heart desires to talk about to a room full of people, submit now. (read more)
Running Low on HP? You Need Some Hyper Potions
Need to get a boost of energy? Then get ready for Hyper Potions! Hyper Potions is an EDM duo raised by anime and video games. Their music has been in the Sonic Mania trailers, League of Legends Warsongs album, Razer commercials, and released on Monstercat. Grab your tickets and see them crus... (read more)
Prepare for Landing! Its James Landino!
We’re pumped to welcome our next musician, James J Landino! James Landino is a leading force in video game music. When he's not composing for video game titles, James entertains audiences across North America remixing your favorite game and anime series. Most recently, James wrote original mus... (read more)
Get Ready To Shred With Myrone!
Get ready to shred! Myrone is coming to MAGWest! A soft shredder and composer for Drift Stage, we can't wait to hear what's in store. Grab your tickets and check this dude out! (read more)
These Guys Are The Bob-Omb! It's The Super Soul Bros!
Our next group is the bob-omb, guys. The bay area’s own Super Soul Bros. are bringing their explosive performances of live n’ funky video game music to MAGWest! Renowned for their dynamic musicianship, improvisation and infectious grooves, the Super Soul Bros are a hit with all ages. Whether... (read more)
Bolster The Walls It's Darren Korb!
Get ready because MAGWest is being graced by the fantastic Darren Korb! Darren Korb is the award-winning composer for Supergiant Games's Bastion, Transistor, and Pyre. He and long time collaborator, Ashley Barrett, will be hanging out with us, so be sure to get your tickets and we’ll see you... (read more)
Pump Up The Jam! The Extent of the Jam!
Our MAGWest arsenal of Chiptunes is going to be amazing with Extent of the Jam performing! Extent of the Jam is a chip group from San Francisco. Focusing on FM and SIDdish synthfunk, Extent of the Jam has been creating hyperactive videogamic grooves since the early 90s in various forms. Grab y... (read more)
Watch Out! It's boaconstructor
Say hello to our newest musical guest, boaconstructor! Since 2012, this Seattle-based producer has been making music on Nintendo Gameboys. Primarily fixated with pushing the handheld hardware to new limits, boa has crafted a sound that escapes the basic constraints of chip music that can appea... (read more)
What The Heck?! Hekkate!
Providing visuals for Chipspace is Hekkate: Hekkate, hailing from the deep seas of the 4th dimension into the reality our apocalyptic current time and space, brings visual transmutations of light, color, and figures reminiscent of half-remembered dreams and glimpsed futures. Glitch, static, and... (read more)