You see a Fwestival standing in front of you. What do you do?

Enter the arcade

MAGWest has a giant arcade, stocked full of rhythm games, pinball, consoles, and so much more. Plus, all the machines are free-to-play. We might be a small event, but hopefully so are our lines! See some of the machines available for your enjoyment on the Arcades page.

Almost all of the arcade cabinets at MAGWest are brought by individual collectors. If you can get your arcade machines to the event and make it available for attendees to play, we'll give you a free three-day badge! Apply here or e-mail with questions.

Console game til you drop

GAME ON! In MAGFest tradition, the 24-hour Consoles room will be returning to MAGWest for year 2. Want to speed run an old classic you haven’t played ages? Or compete in a tournament with people who love that game as much as you do? Want to make a tournament happen? MAGWest is the place for you!

Check out the Consoles page for more details!

Rock out!

Join us for TWO jam-packed nights of VIDEO GAME MUSIC!!!!!! Featuring performers such as the Super Soul Bros., The Megas, LEX The Lexicon Artist, and more, our concerts will knock your socks off (if you're wearing any—it is California). Check out the full lineup on our Bands page.

Would you rather be the one making the music? Give an impromptu performance in one of our public Jam Pods or head to the Jam Space, a place to learn and make music with your new friends.

See a panel

The inaugural MAGWest had round-the-clock content run by fans, creators, and local hobos. Check out the 2018 schedule here!

Okay, but what the heck is a MAGWest?

MAGWest is a 3-day all-hours festival celebrating the communities of people that video games can bring together, and exploring the creativity that comes with the people who are passionate about video games. Want to find out more? Contact us. Or check out last year's site.

And always remember... w-we love you, attendee-sama... 😅

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