Sergio and the Holograms 

Sergio and the Holograms – is a tech-progressive live performance, involving life-sized hologram projections; a visual that is like no other. Originally starting as a “one-man-band” on YouTube doing video game arrangements on a plethora of instruments, Sergio took his production another step further by taking it on the road; having himself as his backing band!

The process involves learning, recording, and filming all of the instrumentation, to then have it displayed onto multiple “hologram” screens. This creates a hologram-band around him, while in person, he plays guitar/sings as the front-man. His repertoire ranges from video game arrangements, 80’s covers, and originals. With his hologram production, he has successfully merged a balance of technology and music; which genuinely reflects the influence that the Silicon Valley has had on him. This act has been performed at highly acclaimed conventions such as PRGE (Portland Retro Gaming Expo), CAX (California Extreme), and CTWC (Classic Tetris World Championship).

As a multi-instrumentalist, a visionary, and a pioneer of new forms of musical entertainment, his insatiable appetite for pushing the boundaries of technology and music is unquenchable. His current works include the elaborate one-man-band YouTube productions, live hologram performances, new indie/NES games, and a first-of-its kind retro ​NES digital musical cartridge, “A Winner is You”.

Sergio and the Holograms will be performing awesome works form: Mega Man, Street Fighter, The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Super Mario Bros, Castlevania, DuckTales, and many others!

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