NAJU is a video game music band from Los Angeles.

The founding members, guitarist Ryan Olson and keyboardist Maiko Kai, wanted to create a group that would explore the music from starship combat games such as Life Force, Super Star Soldier and The Guardian Legend (which features the hyperspace planetoid Naju, for which the band is named). Ryan and Maiko began recruiting musicians in the fall of 2017 and within a few weeks, guitarist Eddie Rodriguez, drummer Dan Hegarty, keyboardist Jason Zaffary, and bassist Ray Dollete were recruited to bring a full, live band sound to music that began as a series of 8 and 16-bit sound files.

This collective, whose musical influences and styles range from classical to R&B to metal and beyond, is on a mission to protect our universe from the VGM nemesis known as “more of the same.” NAJU aims to bring awareness of not just this music but the great games that gave the music a chance to be heard.

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