MAGWest Chipspace Showcase

In addition to our awesome main stage chiptune performers on Friday night, this year we have Chipspace for the first time on the west coast. Like MAGFest, Chipspace is open all hours of the day with open mic sets and dedicated showcases.

Chipspace Showcase 1

Friday Aug 10th - 5-7PM

Nick Drexler, Petriform, SonikBuster

Chipspace Showcase 2

Saturday Aug 11th - 3-5PM

E.N.Cowell (Encore), staRpauSe, Timon Marmex

Chipspace Dance Party

Saturday Aug 11th - 9-11:30PM

BLEEDS (Encore), crashfaster (Solo), Neon Death Cat, Wizwars

Chipspace Open Mics

Friday Aug 10th - 9-11PM

Saturday Aug 11th - 12-2PM

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