❥ Arcades

MAGWest is proud to bring you a collection of the best games in the West. Satisfy your retro vidya cravings from classic arcades to the sweetest Candy Cab. From Fightin’ to Dancin’, the Arcade has you covered! And most importantly, everything is free to play!

Arcade machines at West include:

  • BeatStream
  • Museca
  • Pop’n Music
  • Theatrhythm
  • Taiko Drums
  • DDR
  • Groove Coaster
  • Music GunGun
  • IIDX
  • Jubeat
  • Technika
  • and more…

Curious about what else we’ll have? Show up and find out!

Almost all of the arcade cabinets at MAGWest are brought by individual collectors. If you can get your arcade machine to the event and make it available for attendees to play, we’ll give you a free three-day badge! Apply here or e-mail arcade@magwest.org with questions.

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