Gotta crashfaster!

Look out cause crashfaster is heading to MAGWest!

San Francisco's crashfaster has evolved from a Gameboy-wielding solo act into a snarling, four-bodied electro-rock monster. Isolation, assimilation, accomplishment and emptiness fill the the band's songs, which genre-hop from industrial to pop to electronica to rock, all wrapped in a space punk aesthetic.

In addition to their major releases "superchroma", "further" and "disconnect", crashfaster composed the soundtrack for the Playstation Network 8bit RPG Dragon Fantasy, scored an 8bit video for the EFF, appears on collections for Splatterhouse, Hydorah, C418's "One", 8-Bit Operators' Tribute to Depeche Mode and their classic track “Time” was featured in the trailer for the series Video Game Highschool.