It's no use!

Now you've found us, it's time to go rolling around at the speed of sound! You've got places to go! Hopefully there won't be no rain, bro.

It's our pleasure to bring you the chance to meet with friends, meet some strangers, and get down to some of the nerdy things we all love. Join us August 25th-27th, 2017 at the Hyatt Regency Santa Clara for MAGFest's inaugural West Coast festival.

Gotta crashfaster!
Look out cause crashfaster is heading to MAGWest! San Francisco's crashfaster has evolved from a Gameboy-wielding solo act into a snarling, four-bodied electro-rock monster. Isolation, assimilation, accomplishment and emptiness fill the the band's songs, which genre-hop from industrial to pop... (read more)
Out Of This World Its: Space Town!
Have you gotten your tickets to MAGWest yet? Grab them so you can check out Space Town! Space Town is a music and video game project with roots in trance, future bass, chiptune, and ambient music. He has been creating both music and video games since 2009 and has performed in numerous show... (read more)
Hold Up! Vector Hold?!?
Grab hold of your butts. Vector Hold is heading to MAGWest! Vector Hold is a new retro 80's Synthwave project by Peter Brian Rice and accompanied live on guitar by David Stoltenberg from the San Francisco Bay Area. They specialize in sound design and production for 80's/90's retro gaming soun... (read more)
Kirby's Dream Band Is Coming To MAGWest!
Are you ready to go west? So is Kirby's Dream Band! They are as passionate about video game music as we are! Their first full album is a fresh take on some of Kirby's most iconic themes, and if you haven't listened to it, you are seriously missing out. Don't forget to grab your MAGWest ticket... (read more)
Up Next: Curious Quail!
Pack your bags! Curious Quail is headed to MAGWest. What started in 2008 as an excuse to mix orchestral music with guitar rock and old video game hardware, Curious Quail has evolved into a musician collective who create music with fuzzy guitars, soaring violin, rhythmic bass, powerful drums mi... (read more)
We're Doing It Live!
MAGWest is live! Registration is up! (read more)